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August 16, 2016

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It's back to school time and soon Summer will be coming to an end. As the vacation season winds down and we all get back to business keep GC Plastics in mind for the projects on your to-do list.
Here are some of our featured products. Click any of the images for more details about that particular item. Questions? Call Greg at 816-862-8703 or simply reply to this email. Visit to view our daily changing inventory of equipment and parts.
Our 1992 Techne model 20000 is in excellent condition with a 90mm 24:1 extruder, dual 330mm processing head, 24" x 24" planten, and 125HP DC extruder drive. It was previously used to produce 2.5 gallon containers. It has only 37,401 hours and an output of 700 pounds per hour.
We have a huge variety of water temperature controllers. View what we have to offer by clicking on the photo above. This particular model is our Sterlco model MX9422-GCX Dual Temperature Controller by Sterling, Inc. It is a dual 9 kW unit with 3 HP pumps.
Are surplus items taking up valuable space and constantly in your way? We buy your used items!
In addition to machinery we also have a large variety of modules and controller components for your machines' operating systems!
Shown above is a Maco 8000 Sequence Module 80CN-32001-102-V-00 which was removed from a functioning blow molding machine on 07/21/2016. We have an entire room filled with Barber Colman components! Let us know what you need and we'll happily do all we can to help.
We just picked up this Marley 126 ton cooling tower last week. It's here at our place, priced to sell, and can be loaded on your truck immediately. We have the stand also should you need to elevate it is shown in the photo.
Remember that we recondition equipment also, so if you have something that needs some work but you don't have the time, we'd be thrilled to help.
The 44 inch, motorized rotary table above shows one of the simpler reconditioning projects we performed. Whether simple like this or more complex like a granulator or blender, we've got you covered.
Are you in need of a processing head for your blow molding project? We have a large selection of EBM heads. Shown above is the W. Muller S-1/160PE Blow Mold Machine Head. We have two of these available with servo valve and LVDT installed.
Many Many Molds! Pictured above are our 22 oz. Matt's Mother Shine Dual Cavity Molds with 24mm neck. Check with us for any new projects to see if we have a mold to fit your application.
Call 816-862-8703 or email for more information.
Let us be your source for conveying equipment.
We have recently increased our inventory of conveyors such as this TEC HI1256 flat to incline, cleated belt conveyor. This one measures
135 in. long, 11 in. wide and has casters.
When picking up the Marley cooling tower we also loaded out this nice 30 ft. tall 8 ft. diameter silo. It comes with a 3 port distribution box for resin takeout and was previously used for polyethylene. We're pleased to load this at our facility for no additional charge.
We have blowers, conveyors, cooling towers, box tapers, vacuum pumps, carton erectors, and an ENORMOUS selection of equipment available. Call today!
Se Habla Español! Ask for Luis.
We renew, reuse, and recycle equipment and parts for the good of our clients and the planet.


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